Case Studies – a small sample of our varied experience

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These case studies are not project by project list of all the scheme we have been involved with, however, we would be more than happy to provide a tailored portfolio for your specific project – please contact us to discuss further.

(NB: this page is under construction – more information added regularly).

5 Year Housing Land Supply
Affordable Housing - Plande
Apartments & Blocks of Flats - Plande
Barn Conversions & Class Q - Plande
Conversion to Residential - Plande
Custom Build Homes
Houses Outside of Settlement Boundary in Open Countryside - Plande
PDR Office to Residential - Plande
PRS Build-to-Rent - Plande
Speculative Residential Development - Plande
Small Housing Sites - Plande
Houses in Multiple Occupancy Planning - Plande
Brownfield Developments - Plande
Change of Use Planning - Plande
Community Development Facilities - Plande
Conservation Area Consent Planning Permitted Development - Plande
Green Belt Developments - Plande
Greenfield Site Development - Plande
Historic Buildings & Heritage - Plande
Infill Residential Plots - Plande
Listed Building Consent - Plande
Mixed Use Development - Plande
Rural Planning & Development - Plande RTPI Consultants
Student Accommodation - Plande
Annex Outbuilding Planning - Plande
Backland & Tandem Development - Plande
Change of Use to Dwellinghouse - Plande
House Extension Planning Permission
Garden Land Development - Plande
Green Belt House Extensions - Plande
Green Belt Replacement Dwellings - Plande
Paragraph 79 Homes (previously Paragraph 55 Homes) - Plande
Permitted Development House Extensions - Plande
Prior Approval Householder Extensions - Plande
Redevelopment or Replacement of Homes - Plande
Self-Build Homes - Plande
A1 Use Class Shops Retail - Plande
A2 Use Class Financial & Professional Services - Plande
A3 Use Restaurants & Cafes - Plande
A4 Use Drinking Establishments - Plande
A5 Use Hot Food Takeaways - Plande
B1 Use Class Business Office - Plande Planning Consultants
B2 Use Class General Industrial Planning - Plande
B8 Use Class Storage or Distribution Planning - Plande
C1 Use Class Hotels Boarding Guest House Planning Permission - Plande
C2 Use Residential Institutions Care Homes Hospitals planning - Plande
C3 Use Class Dwellinghouses planning - Plande
C4 Use Class HMO House in Multiple Occupation - Plande
D1 Use Class Non-residential Institutions planning - Plande
D2 Use Assembly & Leisure planning - Plande
Sui Generis - Plande
Advertisement Consent - Plande
Discharge of Planning Conditions - Plande
Lawful Development Certificate - Plande
Planning Appeals - Plande
Planning Enforcement - Plande
Prior Notification Approval - Plande
Variation and Removal of Planning Conditions - Plande