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Cumberland Planning Consultants

Are you looking to secure planning permission in Cumberland? We can help!

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This is where the professionals at Plande step in.

Plande is a development enabler. We unlock the potential of your property or land by understanding your challenge and objectives, navigating the red tape, solving problems creatively, and getting the right result.

By combining our planning and architecture expertise, we comprehensively draft applications that gently lead decision-makers towards the ideal outcome.

Cumberland Council was created by merging the following boroughs in April 2023:

Carlisle City Council
Copeland Borough Council
Allerdale Borough Council
Cumbria County Council

All planning applications, permission and appeals are now handled by the new Cumberland City Council.

Contact our Cumberland team by completing the form or by using the details below:

Contact our team by completing the form or by using the details below:


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Are You Looking for Help with Cumberland Planning? – Look No Further!

Plande has huge experience in working with Cumberland City Council on a wide variety of different projects. We help individuals, builders and organisations navigate the complicated planning process. We are RTPI qualified experts, so whatever you are planning let Plande take the strain. Take a look at our areas of expertise below. We are here for all of you Cumberland Planning needs!

Cumberland Planning Applications

Since our inception in 2007, we have made many Planning applications in Cumberland under the previous councils of Carlisle, Copeland and Allerdale. This means that our application services meet the highest of standards. In this business its very often a case of who you know. We are based in the North West and are very familiar with the people who will be involved in your case.

Cumberland Planning Applications often attract Community Infrastructure Levy charges, especially if the designs include over 100 sq. m of internal floor area. Certain exceptions apply, including house extensions and self build homes.

It is important to understand the policies, requirements and limitations demanded by the council. These are critical in ensuring projects are approved in a timely and cost effective manner, ensuring our clients maximise the potential of their high quality developments.

Cumberland Planning Permission

Due to our proximity to the Council and the high number of applications submitted, we have a fantastic record for obtaining planning permission in Cumberland for a wide range of residential and commercial schemes. These include replacement dwellings, self builds, extensions (including green belt) and large remodelling projects in the area.

Cumberland Planning Appeals

We have also been successful in obtaining permission via the planning appeals in Cumberland route. This is where an applicant has a right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate where a decision has not been reached on an application within the statutory period, or if the application has been refused. An appeal can also be made if the applicant doesn’t agree with the conditions on a planning approval. An applicant typically has 12 weeks from the decision to make an appeal for house extensions.

Cumberland Planning Policies

Previously embracing Carlisle, Copeland and Allerdale Councils, Cumberland Planning Policies are going through a state of flux. This provides opportunities, but also challenges, so appointing Plande as your consultant ensures your project obtains approval in a timely and cost effective manner.

Residential and domestic projects’ policies are quite detailed, which could be seen as prescriptive and restrictive. Our creative strategic approach means we have obtained Cumberland planning approvals where the designs appeared to have contradicted planning policies.

For commercial projects, the Core Strategy provides the main policies for development control purposes.

Other supplementary planning guidance, including Conservation Area plans, parking standards among many others also need to be considered when applying for planning permission.

Have a look at our projects carried out and approved in the area.

Cumberland Planning Permission Consultancy

Four councils were merged in April 2023 to form the new Cumberland City Council. There are:

Carlisle City Council
Copeland Borough Council
Allerdale Borough Council
Cumbria County Council

Located at the Civic Centre, Rickergate, Carlisle, Cumberland Council was created as part of the 2019–2023 structural changes to local government in England. It presides over a some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK with a wealth of varied property styles, from new builds to historic buildings and estates. Much of it is set to open countryside and green belt.

Understanding the area and its’ unique context is essential when working on planning projects.

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Carlisle Town Hall - Cumberland

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Working alongside an extensive network of specialist consultants, Plande gives you more than just high-quality advice from experienced professionals.

You’ll get fresh, creative insights into your project. A perspective that aims to get results every time.

We offer a development-focused planning consultancy services for developers, land owners, businesses, architects and private clients.