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London Planning

London, the capital of the UK, and the largest City and city region in England has a diverse culture with almost 10 million people speaking more than 300 languages in the city itself and almost 23 million people across the city-region.

Along with a plethora of Grade I, Grade II and II* Listed Buildings, there are numerous Conservation Areas and four World Heritage Sites. At plande we have experience of working with historic buildings, sites and areas including the above but also in Green Belt and AONB.

London Planning incorporates 32 Local Planning Authorities, the Greater London Authority, the City Corporation, London Legacy Development Corporation & The Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation:

London Planning Permission Consultants Approvals Applications

London Planning Applications

The scale of the area means that there are thousands of London planning applications submitted for a diverse range of schemes, from the smallest of house extensions to the largest schemes of national or strategic importance.

One of the largest London Planning Applications was for the 2.5 sq km Olympic Park in Stratford for the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Mayor of London is consulted on all London planning applications that are of “potential strategic importance”. These include the development of 150 residential units or more; development over 30 metres in height (outside the City of London) and development on Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land. The consultation process has two stages. Firstly, the London Planning Department consults the Mayor once an application has been made and makes comments accordingly. The London planning application is then considered by the LPA at its planning committee. The LPA then refers the application back to the Mayor for his final decision (stage 2 referral).

London Planning Permission

Obtaining London Planning Permission can often a complex and challenging process however with the right professional support and assistance this does not always have to be the case. A creative problem-solving approach with an appropriate London planning strategy considering the design and planning aspects, as a whole, is critical to enabling a cost-effective, viable and timely London planning permission.

High quality and robust planning applications give the best chance of achieving London Planning Permission.

Plande has a wide variety of experience across numerous market sectors, and our dedicated professional team will support your London Planning Project, including taking an innovative, creative, commercial and value-added approach giving you the benefit of our proven track record.

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