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B8 Use Class Storage or Distribution

B8 Use Class Storage Distribution

The following case studies provide a small sample of the different types of B8 Use Class (Storage or Distribution) we have been involved with.

B8 Use Class with storage and distribution industrial

4 no. B2/ B8 Use Class Industrial Units, with ancillary B1 Use Class two storey office accommodation, totalling c. 140,000 sq ft in Stockport

The development of 8 no. (B8 Use Class) units, ranging from 5,000 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft, provided high-quality Office accommodation in a landscaped setting. The site was part brownfield and part greenfield and required careful consideration and a new access junction to the main road along with a new bowling green as part of the Section 106 contributions.



Local Planning Authority: Stockport Council

see also: B1 Offices

B2 Use Class general industrial

Retrospective Change of Use of B8 Use (Storage & Distribution) building (c. 18,000 sq ft) to B2 (General Industrial), Macclesfield, Cheshire

Retrospective planning consent was sought for the change of use from a storage building into a part B8 use part B2 use industrial unit within a rural planning policy location in Cheshire.

A recommendation for refusal was proposed to the Planning Committee, by the Planning Department due to perceived noise issues, having received strong objections from the Environmental Health Department and local residents. The Environmental Health Department required a significant and unviable scheme of noise mitigation. We successfully negotiated and persuaded the Committee that the application should be approved as the noise issues were not significantly different than could already be expected and were not significantly louder than the background noise and permission was granted accordingly.

Local Planning Authority: Cheshire East Council

see also: Change of Use; B2 Industrial

B8 Use Class Storage Distribution Industrial planning appeal

Planning refused for a B2/ B8 Use Class Industrial building

Planning Permission was refused for the erection of a B2 / B8 unit to the rear of existing buildings to facilitate the continued success of the business. The main issues were the impact on the living conditions of the adjoining neighbours. 

The Planning Inspectorate agreed with us that the neighbours didn’t have a right to a view and that due to the siting and lower level of the building that there would not be any significant impact on light levels. With regards to the noise issues raised by the neighbours and Council, the Inspector stated that these could be dealt with via appropriately worded planning conditions.

Local Planning Authority: South Lakeland District Council

see also: B2 Industrial; Planning Appeals

B8 Use Class with storage and distribution industrial

Two storey extension to B2/ B8 Use Industrial building, with internal mezzanine floor.

The redevelopment and extension of the existing building started with a review of the existing facilities, the process and flow through the building. A two storey extension, as well as a mezzanine floor internally, helped increase the efficiency and total floor area for this B2/ B8 Use class property.

Externally the warehouse was re-clad to provide a new face to the building as well as helping with the marketing of the business. Renewable technologies, including PV Cells and rainwater harvesting, were also incorporated to help reduce overheads and running costs.

A new vehicular access was also approved which would benefit the external flow, deliveries and parking.

Local Planning Authority: Stockport Council

see also: Change of Use; B2 General Industrial



more projects added soon.

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