D1 Use Class Non Residential Instituions

The D1 Use class is for non-residential institutions and incorporates a range of uses including health centres, clinics, day nurseries/ creches, training or education centres (including schools), art galleries, museums, libraries, halls, churches/ places of worship etc

Please also see C2 Residential Institutions which are similar to the D1 Use but have people living/ staying in them.

D1 Use Class Non Residential Institutions

The following case studies provide a small sample of the different types of D1 Use Class (Non-Residential Institutions – nurseries, training centres, schools etc) projects we have been involved with.

D1 Use Class Health Centre Clinic

Change of use from B1 Office to Specialised Ability Centre in Manchester.

An existing B1 Office block, which had been vacant for a number of year, was purchased by our client, Opcare and required a change of use into a specialised facility (D1 use). A full programme of conversion and refurbishment was undertaken including the creation of a dedicated new entrance.

An article in the Manchester Evening News stated:

“The state-of-the-art Specialised Ability Centre in Sharston, Wythenshawe, provides some of the most advanced care and rehabilitation in the country for 2,600 patients needing replacement limbs in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

The centre also provides wheelchair services and other help for around 11,000 people across the region.

The centre is run by Wythenshawe Hospital and was created in partnership with prosthetic limb company Opcare.

It was opened by Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham.

Leigh MP Mr Burnham said: “The state-of the art facilities at the Specialised Ability Centre will be of real benefit to patients across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire.

“The treatment and support offered here by the hospital’s specialist teams will continue to help many patients to live active lives.”

The centre houses one of the largest specialist prosthetic physiotherapy departments in the country, as well as nursing, medical, and prosthetic assessment rooms, an occupational therapy department and a counselling room.”

Local Planning Authority: Manchester City Council

D1 Use Class Training Education Centre

Change of Use (from D1 Use) of a detached building (c. 1,000 sq ft) to B1 (Office) outside of Town Centre boundary

Located outside of the designated Town Centre, a Sequential Test and Assessment was carried out justifying the change of use to a B1 use and illustrating that there were no available, suitable and viable premises within the Town Centre.

Local Planning Authority: Trafford Council

D1 Use Class Day Care Nursery

Change of Use from B1 Use Class to Day Care Nursery (D1 Use)

Conversion and Change of Use of existing historic building into Day Care Nursery (D1 Use). A new business wished to lease a vacant existing office building set within open countryside. Planning Permission achieved following negotiation with the Planning Department and Highways Department, including issues on road/ highways safety, parking, vehicular movement and the integration of the external play space within the character of the building and countryside.

Project Achievements: Conversion of building outside of existing settlement boundary, sensitive conversion integrating into historic context.

Local Planning Authority: Flintshire County Council

D1 Use Class Training Centre Change of Use

Change of Use from Residential Dwelling to D1 use class, Cheshire

Following the expiration of a temporary approval, we secured a permanent planning approval for the change of use of a terraced house into a B1/ D1 use training centre contrary to planning policies and with several objections to the proposals. Approvals also sought to amend the restrictive opening hours and other onerous conditions to the original approval.

Local Planning Authority: Trafford Council

D1 Use Class Education Centre

Appeal for an Agricultural training/ teaching facility (D1 Use Class)

Development of a 500m2 Agricultural facility (D1 Use) providing educational benefits to primary, secondary and higher education pupils. Using traditional materials, including an oak frame, the development is to be run as a commercial agricultural facility with range of animals and crops. Classroom and associated facilities accommodation is provided on site to address the Government policies of creating better links with schools and the rural economy.

Project Achievements: Chief Exec of the Countryside Foundation stated the proposals are “well thought through. … its incorporation of some of the best ideas from some of the best sites across the country, not always achieved in just one venue. Finally, it shows passion and vision.

Local Planning Authority: Fylde Council

D1 Use Class Education Centre Change of Use

A Sand Yacht centre on the beach in Lytham (combined D2 & D1 Use)

Our client has a history of running centres for disadvantaged youth. The existing building was comprehensively remodelled and extended to provide modern facilities including a cafe, shower facilities and training space. The club for a range of wind sports such as power kiting and sand yachting. Located on the beach front, these proposals will provide fantastic accommodation on one of the best wind sports beaches in the UK.

Project Keywords: SSSI, SAC, Fylde Borough Council, Tourist Attraction, Leisure & Education Facility, Change of Use, Cafe, Club house.

Local Planning Authority: Fylde Council

see also: D2 Assembly & Leisure; change of use

D1 Use Class School Extension

2 new Classrooms in Bespoke Block of c. 165 sq m floor Area (D1 Use Class)

This project began with the strategic masterplan of the site to link the existing infant and junior school buildings.

Budget constraints meant that much of our proposals could not be carried out, however the strategic masterplan facilitated the construction of the classrooms such that future extensions can be carried out as funds become available.

Following this study a brief was prepared which identified the need for two new classrooms and a specialist teaching area for art.

Designed to appear fresh and modern, elements such as the lowered cill heights and glass blocks set in the render were designed with children in mind.

Local Planning Authority: Cheshire East Council

D1 Use Class School Extension

Development of a new (D1 Use) Primary School to replace existing inadequate facilities.

Proposals for the school developed based on the jointly prepared brief to include approximately 180 pupils. Natural daylighting, good links to the outside, including covered areas for each classroom were incorporated into the proposals. Externally the scheme included hard and soft play areas, a nature area, a drop off area and staff parking on a 3.5 acres site.

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