The brief called for the replacement of the existing conference facilities with additional bedrooms for the (C1 Use) Hotel. The client wished to utilise modular construction to speed up the construction phase, although the planning department was adamant that they didn’t want a repetitive dull facade. Utilising a standard module comprising two solid panels and a glazed panel, an elevation was developed to randomly position the glazing, whilst not increasing the cost of construction. The proposed extension faces the main road into Aberdeen and will create an interesting facade during the day and at night and add vibrancy and individuality to the street scene.

Project Challenges:  creating an interesting facade using modular construction and repetitive hotel room windows. Transport assessment commissioned to provide a reduced parking requirement to achieve a higher density of bedrooms. Main road frontage into the centre of Aberdeen required a high-quality façade design. Surrounding properties are generally of two-storey accommodation. Planning Officers initial reaction was that any application would be unsuccessful.



Local Planning Authority