Conversion of existing rural outbuilding into self-contained dwelling house


Having been impressed with our abilities to obtain approval a short distance away, our clients appointed us to seek planning approval for the change of use of their outbuilding into a self-contained dwelling-house.

The existing outbuilding, was a single storey, timber clad breeze block building that had previously been used as small scale toy manufacturing unit, although this use had stopped many years ago, with the building generally being used as incidental to the main dwelling.

The existing relationship between the neighbouring dwelling and the outbuilding was not ideal, with a short separation distance between the key windows.

The layout of the new dwelling was considered to improve this relationship, effectively turning the house away from the neighbouring dwelling.

Justifying the change of use on the basis of the existing commercial use enabled the substandard access and unsustainable location issues to be negated. While the existing building did not have the architectural interest of some, more traditional, rural buildings allowing the building to be used as a dwelling rather than as a continued general industrial building was considered more favourable in its rural location and neighbouring properties.