Change of Use of Flat (C3) into Offices (B1).


Located in an area where many offices, both large and small, had been converted into apartments, mostly through utilising permitted development rights, it was felt that there was an opportunity to address this imbalance and provide a small, high-quality office space at a higher return than the 1 bedroom flat.


The property was already partially commercial, with a retail unit on the ground floor, and a one-bedroom flat on the first floor. The property as a whole was a terraced property with similar uses adjacent, although the wider terrace was residential dwelling houses.

The existing flat had no parking or cycle spaces and sat outside of the Town Centre. As such we had to convince the Council that a sequential Test either wasn’t necessary or that there were no other suitable offices in the area. In addition, we justified that the change of use would not cause highways or amenity issues.

Located within a sustainable transport location, in a wider area of commercial uses, the LPA agreed with our arguments, and planning consent was granted accordingly.

In order to preserve the existing use, planning permission was sought for a flexible use allowing either C3 or B1 Use, to capitalise on future market needs.


Flats (C3), B1, Change of Use