c.10, 000 sq ft contemporary dwelling, with leisure suite, on garden land outside of settlement boundary


Having recently purchased a small detached bungalow on a substantial plot on the edge of an affluent village our client was keen to test the development potential of the land and ideally wanted to create a separate large contemporary bespoke dwelling for themselves to live in.

While we were able to persuade the LPA that development, in principle was acceptable on the land their suggestion was that a dwelling of c. 3,500 sq ft would be the maximum allowed on the plot.

A planning and design strategy was developed taking into account the LPA areas of concern, the neighbouring residential properties and the character of the area as well as the relationship with the existing dwelling on the site.

A three-storey dwelling was submitted to and approved by the Council, incorporating a full basement level parking and servicing, with large leisure suite. To the first floor,  large bedroom suites incorporated full balconies to the take in the view of the surrounding open countryside.