Conversion of outbuilding into B&B style accommodation (C1)


Our clients were keen to diversify their existing farm complex to earn additional revenue from tourism.

Located within an area with a large number of annual, all year round, tourists and the ability to easily target such visitors via the (at the time) new websites, our clients were keen to test the Planning potential.

Having identified a small, 1 bedroom-sized, an outbuilding that was no longer needed our clients were keen to create a unique form of accommodation.

The existing building was in a relatively poor state of repair, however, we were able to demonstrate that conversion could occur without being tantamount to the construction of a new building, which would generally have been contrary to Policy.

Having to overcome other issues, such as extremely tight access and very small visibility splay, parking requirements and impact on neighbouring properties, we were able to convince the Planning Department that such a conversion would be in compliance with their policies, including the rural economy and tourism specific policies.