Extension to non-designated heritage asset, Guest House (C1 Use) to provide additional owners accommodation


Our clients had purchased the existing Guest House with a view to running it themselves while living on site. The existing Guest House had been converted from a large family home and had been previously extended, with some unsympathetic additions.

Located in a highly sustainable area that generated a wide range of tourists our clients had identified the need to evolve the business and provide higher quality accommodation and in order to reduce overheads, suitable accommodation for their family.

The site was located on a corner plot on a good-sized plot which a inefficient parking layout that did not formally provide adequate spaces for the existing business.

Initially, the car park was reconfigured to provide suitable parking for the Guest House, meeting SPG standards, as well as a separate entrance and parking for the Owners accommodation.

This reconfiguration provided a small section of land to enable an extension to the building to be located.