Large two-storey replacement contemporary dwelling, following a substantial house extension to a 1. 5 story house, in open countryside contrary to local policy.


Located outside of the village boundary, in which our clients had lived for many years, the existing dwelling was a small traditional Welsh one and a half storey dwelling.

Our clients were keen to create a modern family home, taking inspiration from but creating a more contemporary take on the traditional vernacular architecture in the area.

The property was purchased with the benefit of a large house extension, which was generally on the limit of what the local supplementary planning guidance would allow. The design of the extension created an inefficient layout and didn’t resolve the low ceiling heights or make the best use of the plot.

A subsequent application was submitted for a larger house extension, which was justified on the basis of it creating a higher quality addition to the house and more appropriate to the plot although was contrary to policy.

Subsequently, a replacement dwelling application was submitted, and approved for a contemporary dwelling, of a full two storeys, of a similar size to the approved scheme, but which created a much more efficient layout and orientation on the plot.