Use of retail shop as an bottle shop and tasting experience (A4)


Our clients sought a change of use of the existing retail unit into an off-license and drinking establishment within a Conservation Area and in close proximity to residential properties.

This requirement only told part of the story and as part of the application we carefully set out the full intentions of our client, as well as their expertise in this sector.

Our client is experienced in beer/ wine tasting events and was looking to take those concepts and form a retail-based experience, helping clients to understand the stories and processes behind wine and beer, teaching more about what’s behind the flavours and styles, helping customers to choose suitable drinks for them. Our client aimed to create a boutique retail space that aims to feel open and accessible, where questions are encouraged and curiosity rewarded.

The change of use would allow our clients to further enhance this customer experience. Creating more opportunities for customers to sample their extensive drinks menu and immerse themselves in flavours, stories and philosophy behind the craft and natural drinks. Alongside their daily draft list and wine by the glass list, they intended to run tasting nights and meet the maker/brewer events.

The proposed change of use is much more than an off-license or an alternative to a bar or a pub and intended to be a tasting room where flavours are experienced, and stories are shared.

The LPA supported the proposals, and the application was approved accordingly.