Replacement dwelling in Green Belt


Located next to a major motorway, the existing two storey dwelling on the site was in poor condition and needed to be replaced. Our ageing client wished for a new single storey, accessible dwelling to be constructed to meet his current and future needs but felt that the house would be better located elsewhere on his land away from the motorway, however this was outside of their residential curtilage as well as being within the Green Belt.

Our client chose to build a pre-fabricated timber-framed kit house to ensure that the new house would be a high quality, energy efficient dwelling as so that it could be constructed quickly. We successfully gained planning permission for the new dwelling to be re-sited on the plot in a quieter location, away from the motorway with views across the open countryside on green belt land.

Careful negotiations with the Council ensured that the issues surrounding timing of development, demolition of the existing house, residential curtilage controls were to our client’s satisfaction.