Access track for stables within Green Belt (Appeal Success)


Our clients approached Plande after receiving correspondence from the local Planning Enforcement Officer regarding the unauthorised development of the creation of an access track in associate with the use of the land for the stabling of horses. The land was located in open countryside and was designated Green Belt.

The track had already been completed and our clients were keen not to make any amendments to it. A detailed argument was submitted to the Council with regards to the Green Belt as well as the need for such a track and justifying the configuration and chosen materials.

The application was refused on the effect on the character and appearance of the area, the urbanising effect as well as being inappropriate development in Green Belt.

Plande submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to challenge the decision. The appeal was allowed on the basis the Inspector agreed the relatively modest size, chosen materials, the unobtrusive appearance, the context of existing approved development and that the use would not be inappropriate development as facilities for outdoor recreation are acceptable in principle.