Retrospective change of use to A5 Takeaway


Our clients approached us needing to obtain approval for their change of use which they had already undertaken.

The existing building was a small single-story timber shack located on a larger trade commercial estate site. The building was previously used as B1 Offices to support the attached industrial unit. Over time, the site had developed for a large single-use, into different and quite disparate uses, including manufacturing and storage, often organically and often without planning permission.

The building and site as a whole were located outside of the settlement boundary of the town and located with a wide range of properties, including many properties.
Our client sought to serve these wide-ranging businesses and their customers and the challenge was convincing the local planning authority that such a change of use was acceptable due to its inherent issues.

Planning Permission was granted as we persuaded that Council that the business, with its limited size and opening hours, was a de minimis part of the overall site and would not generate its own traffic or have any negative impact on highways or neighbouring amenity.