New dwelling in open countryside on agricultural field


Following the inheritance of some agricultural land, our clients approached us after seeing our previous success at achieving planning permission for dwellings in open countryside and paragraph 55 homes.

The site was located well outside of the village boundary, down a narrow lane which connected to the main road with an unsatisfactory junction.

Knowing that a high-quality design was required to stand any chance of achieving planning approval, a contemporary but contextual approach was taken, referencing the local vernacular architecture, including materials, details and features.

In addition, it was expected that the neighbouring houses would mount strong objections to a new dwelling. These assumptions were well-founded with vocal and voracious objections raised both to the principle, design but also the highway safety concerns.

A detailed and robust application, including supporting information and images, were submitted to the Council.

The Planning Officers recommended approval for the new dwelling although this had to be taken to the Planning Committee due to its number of objections as well as being contrary to policy. Ultimately the Planning Committee agreed, but far from unanimously, and planning consent was granted accordingly