Development of single dwelling on a backland and garden plot


Located on a corner plot, our client’s substantial Victorian house had an equally substantial garden which included historic access on to a side road.

The proposals evolved taking into consideration the key supplementary planning documents, as well as the requirements of the relevant highway guidance. The design of the house maximised the internal floor area, while respecting the separation distances, overlooking of neighbouring properties as well as the key constraints of the adjoining mature trees which lined the plot.

During the application process the neighbours were very vocal in their objections and detailed justification was required, to assist the LPA in granting approval and justifying that they could not demonstrate a five-year housing land supply.

Following the issuing of the consent, one of the most vocal neighbours commenced Judicial Review proceedings against the Councils decision, however, ultimately this did not proceed past the initial stage as we were able to demonstrate that the minimum prescribed standards were met.

Following the grant of planning, our clients marketed the plot to self-builders, receiving multiple offers with the final sale price, in part due to the larger house design than had been originally assumed, far in excess of our client’s initial expectations.