Backland development of a detached two bedroom dwelling on a tight plot


After accepting a new job in a different part of the country our clients approached us to see what potential there was for their site.

The dwelling house was a traditional large Victorian terraced house facing a classified road. To the rear of the property was a relatively long and thing garden, albeit staggered and at an angle to the main house. At the end of the garden was a double garage providing the parking provision for the house.

Our first task was to establish off-street parking to the front of the property, which was generally considered to be unacceptable due to having to reverse onto a classified road as well as a street light located in the middle of the frontage. Consent was given after we justified the suitability as well as the wider precedents in the area.

This additional parking provided adequate parking, in total, for the existing property which then enabled the existing access to be used for the new dwelling.

A two-storey dwelling was developed to create a two-bedroom property, with key consideration given to the separation distances, overbearing and overlooking issues as well as the parking and private amenity space requirements.

Unsurprisingly the neighbouring properties were not in favour of the dwelling, however, we were able to persuade the LPA that there was no material reason for refusing the scheme, especially as the Council couldn’t demonstrate a five-year housing land supply.

Our clients were able to realise additional value by selling the land off to a self-builder.