Detached office building (B1 Use) into D1 Use Class following Sequential Assessment


The existing 1960’s flat roof detached office building had no external space that would allow for a suitable extension, with only a couple of parking spaces in front.

Located within an area of generally higher buildings, an upwards extension was conceived which would provide an additional 66 – 75% internal floor area, compared to the existing building, by creating a “room-in-the-roof” style extension rather than a full two storeys. This was proposed for several reasons, including keeping the overall height of height of the building down, along with improving the external aesthetic and maintenance of the building by having a pitched roof.

As there were only limited parking spaces there was a limit on how much additional accommodation could be justified in any case.

The economic benefits for the existing business, as well as the justification in relation to the sustainable location of the building, helped to persuade the Council that consent should be given.


Classes: B1