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Apartments & Blocks of Flats Planning

The popularity of apartments and blocks of flats amongst Developers and occupiers alike remains high in most towns and cities.

Apartments Planning (Blocks of Flats & Maisonettes)

The popularity of apartments and blocks of flats amongst Developers and occupiers alike remains high in most towns and cities.

Apartments and Flats have higher densities and taller developments than more traditional forms of housing. As well as converting existing or redundant buildings, apartments planning often present challenges which require creative and robust solutions.

At plande, we have a wide range of experience in obtaining planning approval for apartments, from small, low-rise developments in towns, to high-rise, mixed-use developments in city centres.

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Apartments Planning – Build to Rent and PRS

The Private Rented Sector (PRS) continues to grow, with developers and investors, including pension funds, seeking properties to “buy-to-let”.

Traditionally these investments used existing housing stock, including individual houses or flats. Recent years have seen an increase in applications for  apartments planning permission particularly in the Build to Rent (BtR) sector where the developments are built specifically for rent rather than sale. The number of apartment planning applications in cities in particular has increased significantly, with developers creating a business model specifically geared up for rental.

Such developments are lifestyle lead with added amenities, such as on-site gyms, bars and concierge services, differentiating them from flats from the traditional build to sell model.

Permitted Development Conversion to Apartments - Planning and Prior Approval

Recent changes to permitted development and planning regulations mean that apartment development through the Prior Approval route (i.e. though traditional apartments planning permission) is not necessarily the best way to build new flats. Permitted Development Rights (PDR) have been amended over recent years with a string of changes and new opportunities.

Developers and investors have various routes to maximise the potential for sites. They can add additional stories to create more flats or simply demolish buildings to build apartments, flats or maisonettes.

Taking advantage of such opportunities is not necessarily easy or straightforward, and careful consideration along with professional assistance is required to maximise the potential of a site.

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Serviced Apartments Planning

Serviced Apartments is a catch-all term for a range of different uses, including holiday accommodation, apart-hotels, short-term lets or holiday accommodation. These are relatively recent (and continuingly popular) forms of accommodation. In areas where there are restrictions on HMO’s, such forms of accommodation could provide higher returns on existing or new builds.

Serviced apartments provide a popular option for business travellers, tourists and relocated employees. As such, apart from living accommodation, units can include kitchens and other amenities, providing a more private, independent, economical and homely environment, particularly for longer stays.

The use class of such serviced apartments will depend upon the specifics in each situation These include the length of stay and whether the occupants form a single household whcih could include Use Classes C1, C3 and Sui Generis.

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Disclaimer: This page provides an introduction only and is not a definitive statement of the law and should therefore not be relied upon. The information above relates to England only. Policies across the rest of the UK may differ. Contact your Local Planning Authority for advice and confirmation before any works are carried out. All images used are for illustrative purposes only. Read the full disclaimer here.

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