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Planning Permission for Extensions

House extension planning permission

Planning applications for house extensions involve many challenges!

House extension planning applications pose a range of different challenges.

House extension planning permission covers a wide range of different skills and challenges. Plande has been successful in obtaining planning permission for extensions for over 15 years. We have a wide range of experience right across the UK.

The location and planning context of the extension is critical in the chances success. Plande has a history of working on on projects in the Green Belt, Conservation Areas and properties requiring Listed Building Consent. We also work on difficult corner plots, previous extensions, open countryside, Permitted Development and Prior Approval.


Planning Permission for Extensions – Your Expert Planning Consultants

Plande provides a range of services to homeowners seeking planning permission for extensions. These include providing individual services, such as writing supporting design and access or planning statements or liaising with Planning Officers where issues are raised.

Services Offered:


including helping to compile the application package and developing the planning strategy. Reviewing drawings and proposals against local policies and supplementary planning guidelines.

Planning Statements

Drafting a design and access or planning statement to support the proposals

Submission & Monitoring

Submission and monitoring your planning or LDC application (including completing the relevant forms)


Appealing against the Council’s decision to refuse planning permission

Acting as Agents

Acting as Planning Agents for the application

Queries & objections

Dealing with queries and resolving issues, including neighbour objections, during your planning application – as a stand-alone service or as part of a wider Planning consultancy role


Varying or discharging conditions or making amendments to the scheme post planning approval

Retrospective etc

Submitting for retrospective planning permission or lawful development certificate or dealing with Planning Enforcement where works have been completed without the relevant permissions

Do I require planning permission for my house extension?

Not all house extensions require planning permission. Some works to your home can be carried out using permitted development rights. It is essential to check that your house benefits from such rights, as not all houses have them.

Which properties have permitted development rights restrictions or limitations?

Flats and maisonettes
Houses in Conservation Areas
Converted houses
Houses with permitted development restricted by condition
Houses located within Article 4 areas

Assuming that planning permission for extensions is required, a householder planning application could be submitted to the local planning authority. Please see here for more information on these specialist types of planning applications.

Many Local Authorities have dedicated supplementary planning guidance or documents (often known as SPG’s or SPD’s) providing information on what they would likely accept or require in granting planning permission for house extensions. These can be quite restrictive or prescriptive (dictatorial), especially when considering larger house extensions or home remodelling projects.

At plande, we can often obtain planning permission for extension designs which do not fully comply with guidelines. Often an extension doesn’t fit neatly within the assumed guideline scenarios.

Plande steps in to act for clients in obtaining planning permission for extensions. Especially where issues have been raised during the planning application process.

How do I obtain house extension planning permission?

The chances of obtaining planning permission for house extensions are greatly improved by appointing the right team, at the right time. Then making a cohesive and robust planning application to the Council.

Understanding context, planning policies and precedents can be key to getting house extension planning permission.

Plande has over 15 years of experience in obtaining planning permission and will work with your design team, or assist in appointing a skilled design team if you are at the early stages of the process.

Seeking house extension planning permission is complicated. It is common for Councils to require a raft of supporting information – Tree reports, Protected species surveys and others before considering granting permission.

Contact the experts at Plande to help navigate through the planning maze.

What do I do if my house extensions has been built without planning permission?

Homeowners often build house extensions without planning permission. Either without knowing that it is required or under permitted development regulations.

We have worked with clients who thought, (or more worryingly were told by their Architect or Builder) that their extension could be built without planning permission, only later to find out that this is not the case.

We have also worked with clients who have built extensions without planning permission. When they tried to sell their house at a later date, the purchaser’s solicitor required proof that the extension was lawful!

In each case and depending on the what has been built and when, we have assisted with the submission of a retrospective planning application or a lawful development certificate to right the situation.

Please see the relevant pages for more detailed information.

If you have constructed an extension without permission, contact our experts to discuss your case.

What if my House Extension Planning Permission is refused?

If your house extension planning permission is refused by the Council, an appeal can be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate to challenge the decision.

Councils refuse permission for numerous reasons including:

Scale and massing
Impact on neighbouring properties
Street scene
For Green Belt applications, where extensions are stated as being disproportionate to the original dwelling

Appeals seeking to challenge the local planning authority’s decision to not grant house extension planning permission can use the fast-tracked Householder Appeal Service.

Plande has successfully overturned many Council decisions related to house extension planning.

Please contact our experts to discuss your particular project – we will provide a tailored project experience for you.

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Disclaimer: This page provides an introduction only and is not a definitive statement of the law and should therefore not be relied upon. The information above relates to England only. Policies across the rest of the UK may differ. Contact your Local Planning Authority for advice and confirmation before any works are carried out. All images used are for illustrative purposes only. Read the full disclaimer here.

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