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Taxi Office Planning Permission

Securing The Right Consents for Your Business

Are you Planning to open a Private Hire, Minicab or Taxi Office?

Taxi businesses have historically fallen under the Sui Generis use class.  Planning is usually required to set up a new Private Hire Operating Centre, Minicab or Taxi Office, or for change of use from another type of business.

Evidence of the appropriate planning permission is usually required as part of a Private Hire Operator Licence application. Transport for London (TfL) for example, state they require “Evidence of planning permission for every proposed operating centre(s)”

Planning Permission, often via a Change of Use application is often required.

Example Case Study: Use of dwelling house as taxi company operating centre

Do You Always Need Planning Permission to Operate a Private Hire, Minicab or Taxi Office or Centre?

Organisations often require evidence that a new taxi business has the required planning permission, but this does not mean that all business have to submit a full planning application.

At Plande, we have proved that planning permission is often not required to operate a taxi office or Private Hire Operating Centre.

During the license application, evidence is often required to prove a business can operate lawfully. Obtaining a Lawful Development Certificate can be an option, particularly where there are no staff, visitors or taxis at the application property. Especially where the taxi business is purely administrative. There can be a justification that it is not a material change of use.

Get expert help – having Plande by your side can significantly increase your chances of a successful application.

Example Case Study: Change of Use of Office to Private Hire Operating Centre

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Disclaimer: This page provides an introduction only and is not a definitive statement of the law and should therefore not be relied upon. The information above relates to England only. Policies across the rest of the UK may differ. Contact your Local Planning Authority for advice and confirmation before any works are carried out. All images used are for illustrative purposes only. Read the full disclaimer here.

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