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Plande have experience of many different types of planning appeal and this page will give a brief insight into the main types.

Please contact us for assistance with your specific appeal.

At Plande we have wide-ranging expertise in submitting planning appeals and drafting grounds of appeal statements.

All statements are prepared by an experienced RTPI Planning Consultant with the assistance of a RIBA Chartered Architect, where design matters are an issue.

We can also call on wider expertise, as needed, including Barristers, Highways Consultants, Ecologists, Sustainability Consultants, Arboriculturist; Landscape Architect and Visualisers to support an appeal.

Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page which provides answers to popular questions.

Our Planning Appeal Case Studies page provides examples of our previous planning appeals and range of sectors and scales we cover.

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Some feedback from our satisfied clients:

“I first came across your company via the internet.  I was very happy with the speed of service and getting the case together before submitting for my appeal. 

I found that the contents of the statement to be very compelling and had substance.  I was also pleased that you included examples of other schemes that the council approved of before you submitted the statement.  I was also pleased that you asked me if I wanted to make any amendments before finally submitting. 

I was happy with your fee and found this to be very competitive. 

I would recommend your services to others who may benefit from what you offer. “

“‘Grounds of appeal statement’ is excellent, you have obviously done a lot of research.

I want to thank you very much for all the effort and hard work you put into it, all the research carried out and the very comprehensive appeal documents you submitted.

A very thorough job”




“We feel that the service we received from you was outstanding. Very professional and structured.

Communication was always quick and responsive.”

“A very helpful service, with the fastest possible turnaround and at the best price quoted- I’ll use again!”

“An excellent service handled with supreme attention to detail leading to a positive outcome”

“Nothing to be improved upon – service was excellent and friendly throughout, from initial consultation to planning approval. thank you.”

“We would not hesitate to recommend you to other prospective clients. It was always easy to contact you and you kept us informed of progress. Everything was handled efficiently and professionally”

appeal against planning refusal

The most common form of planning appeal is against a local planning authority (LPA) refusing planning permission. A planning refusal can be for numerous reasons, but the Council must state these reasons and give planning policy justification accordingly. Along with several other elements, these refusal reasons are critical and the starting point to develop the grounds of appeal statement required to be submitted alongside the relevant forms.

householder appeals

The householder appeal service is a specific planning appeal for for works to private homes. There is no third party right to comment on the planning appeal (i.e. Neighbours).

Householder appeals are required to be made within 12 weeks of planning permission refusal. 80% of householder appeals are targeted to be determined within 8 weeks


planning appeal against planning approval subject to conditions

Ensuring that every planning approval has appropriate and reasonable planning conditions is essential. If your application has been approved with condition (s), you have the right to submit a planning appeal to the relevant Planning Inspectorate who will then review and amend accordingly. This is not necessarily the best way to amend or remove planning conditions; please see our Case Studies page for further information.

lawful development certificate planning appeal

We are able to undertake Certificate of Lawful Development Certificate planning appeals to determine whether proposed works are Permitted Development or that existing works were lawfully carried out. Please contact us more information.

appeal against non determination

If your planning application has not been determined within the statutory time periods (8 weeks for minor applications and 13 weeks for major applications), you have a right to submit a planning appeal to the relevant Planning Inspectorate requesting that they decide the application.

listed building/conservation area planning appeals

Unfortunately at the present time, due to our case load, we are currently unable to assist with Listed Building planning appeals.

Please our Case Studies page for more information.

advertisement planning appeal

Unfortunately at the present time, due to our case load, we are currently unable to assist with Advertisement planning appeals

enforcement appeals (including planning enforcement notice, listed building enforcement and discontinuance notice)

Unfortunately at the present time, due to our case load, we are currently unable to assist with Enforcement planning appeals.

Whether you need an expert on your team to help with a planning appeal to overturn a refusal of permission or to challenge any part of a planning approval, our fresh planning insights will help you achieve your goal.